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StormerClan Mobile - About [SC]

We are a community of friendly gamers that love to play online and more importantly have fun in doing so!
We are far from being "amazing" players, and focus on creating a unique online experience whereby our members (and the public) can join our servers and not feel threatened by hackers, abusers etc., and instead can concentrate on having a great laugh and not get bitched a good one. hosts a Dedicated server with permanent Ranked games running, which include:
  • 4x Battlefield Bad Company 2 servers!
  • Left4Dead 1 & 2
  • Killing Floor
  • CoD 4
  • CoD World at War
  • BF2
  • BF2142
  • CS: S
We administer our own server and our admin members police them regularly, keeping each server a fun place to be.

We strictly disapprove of any players found to be hacking, cheating or abusive on our servers and if any player is found to be guilty of the aforementioned, whether clan member or visitor they will be kicked or even banned.

We use technologies such as Punksbusted and more to help with this.

You cannot beat servers that have staff looking out to them!
Our diverse membership includes these friendly players:

Click on any of the above names to be taken to their profile on the main website.